Zipper Noise unveils FREQUIA: A new technical ear training programme for improved critical listening

Zipper Noise has unveiled a brand new technical ear training programme known as FREQUIA which aims to improve your critical listening so you’re more likely to notice any pesky notches in your mix.

FREQUIA is said to be “the culmination of over a decade of research into critical listening and technical ear training”. It’s a standalone application that trains users to develop an “internal reference” – essentially a long-term memory – for the sound of a multitude of filters and equalisers applied at various frequencies, gain levels, and Q values.

Zipper Noise claims that through using FREQUIA, users will learn to identify and correct problem frequencies faster, sculpt sounds with more accuracy, and hear increasingly subtle differences in timbre.

The application offers an Adaptive Training mode which offers personalised training based on a user’s performance profile, enabling you to hone in on the areas that are flagged in need of improvement.

There’s also a Sweep Enable function that allows you to choose whether to hear equaliser parameters change in real-time as they adjust the controls, which is said to be an exclusive feature to FREQUIA.

You can choose from eight industry-standard equalisers, and five training modes across 81 different training setups, which gives users over 3,200 unique training scenarios.

For those who are sceptical, there is a 10-day free trial available to download now. Its regular price sits at $59 and as of current, FREQUIA is compatible with Mac-OS systems running both Intel and Apple silicon processors.

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