First look at Google foldable smartphone – mounts the camera on the frame

Not long ago, there were reports that there will be a new Google foldable smartphone with a new ultra-micro-hole front camera solution. This new technology will significantly increase the screen ratio by packaging the front camera on the frame. Today, popular Weibo tech blogger @DCS reveals the first look of the Google foldable smartphone. The images from Weibo are only the engineering model of this device that uses the new technology.

For some users, this new technology can avoid the imaging problem of the under-screen camera. In addition, it will also ensure the integrity of the mobile phone screen. There should be no issues with the weight and lifespan of this device. In addition to the new front structure, the front of the engineering model of the Google foldable smartphone is similar to the OPPO Find N. Both smartphones come with a horizontal inward folding design. Their overall size is smaller and they have a better visual perception in both the folded and unfolded states.

Google Foldable Smartphone

Google foldable smartphone looks like the Pixel 7 & Find N

For the rear design of the upcoming Google foldable smartphone, it will look more like the Pixel 7. Digital Chat Station wrote

“The rear of the Google Pixel folding screen engineering machine refers to the Pixel 7. The front is a bit like Find N. The relatively small-sized large screen is folded horizontally inward, the outer screen is centred with a single hole, and the inner screen has a full screen without a hole. The ultra-micro-hole camera is on the frame. Do you like this small size horizontal inward fold or large size horizontal inward fold”.

It is important to note that this technology is not in a real smartphone for now. Thus, it is still uncertain how well the technology will work. At the same time, as a new front camera solution, this technology may have various technical problems. These issues may affect the normal use of the device to a certain extent.

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