Asus Zenfone 9 gets disassembled on video

The Zenfone 9 is Asus’ latest mainstream, non-gaming smartphone, and one of a very select few to come with a top of the line chipset in a very compact form factor. As such, it’s an intriguing device, one which we’ve explored in depth in our review. But we didn’t literally explore its depths, opening it up to see all that’s inside.

We don’t do that sort of thing, but YouTube channel PBK Reviews does, and it’s back with another disassembly / teardown video today, starring the Zenfone 9 as you might have imagined. The phone gets torn to small pieces and then assembled back again, and despite its petite size compared to most devices these days, the parts aren’t tiny – they’re normal size. Who’d have thought, right?

To get into the Zenfone 9, you enter through the plastic back, which has to come off first, then there are a lot of screws to take care of, and then, one by one, all of the components come out. In the end the handset gets a 4.5 out of 10 reparability score.

While a lot of people go on the internet to say how much they love smaller smartphones, sales numbers have so far revealed that there really aren’t that many of those people in real life actually buying such phones. Maybe the Zenfone 9 will change things? Probably not, but let’s wait and see.

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